Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre: PICAC

Project Manager / Builder: FMSA Constructions        Consultant: Cundells

The Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre is also one of our proudest achievements. This project is the construction of a sophisticated plumbing training facility including rainwater harvesting and grey water treatment.

We spent considerable design and co-ordination time to bring all the ESD parameters onto a single isometric drawing which shows the interface of all systems and backup procedures to allow the multiple treated water systems to function within an occupied building.

The integrated training systems are installed to demonstrate how the systems work whilst providing backup water to maintain the buildings operation during training procedures.

The pipe systems are in PPR and HDPE. The GPL isometric drawing show all the projects complexity and training modes. There is also high and low pressure gas training facilities as part of the training. The project is achieving remarkable world wide exposure and is a show case for the Victorian Plumbing Industry.

The PICAC is an initiative of the Plumbing Industry Commission, the CEPU Plumbing division, the Master Plumbers Association and the Plumbing Joint Training Fund.